Samsung LE37M87BDX/XEU LCD TV – AUO 55.37T04.005 T-con board

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  • July 29, 2013

Watching TV one night at the weekend the screen began to flicker and the colours distorted that the picture didn’t look unlike a colour photograph negative.

I cringed but, thinking I had a John Lewis 5 year warranty still on the TV, I wasn’t overly worried. Monday came and I trotted off to ask them about repairs. However, lo and behold should the warranty not have run out on the Saturday! John Lewis wouldn’t and couldn’t see past themselves and I left with shrugged shoulders and a mission afoot.

After much forum searching and reading I concluded that my TV’s symptoms fitted mostly to the description of a fault with my T-CON board. “Right! Let’s buy one of those” I thought but, had a little bother in finding a suitable match.

AUO 55.37T04.005 T-con board

The joys of eBay! Finally finding a matching T-CON I hurriedly purchased said board and awaited it’s timely arrival. On fitting, which was a tad fiddly but not overly cumbersome, I switched the TV on for a test. *fffpt* it went and I really had thought I’d fused the whole thing. Though, turning off the TV and on again it fired up to a great picture and I left it on in the background to make sure it wasn’t going to burst into flames at any point!

You have to just love fixing things! :)

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