Intranet – measuring effectiveness with sensible metrics

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  • November 17, 2009

Making nice graphs with such volume measures as “documents added, documents downloaded, community members etc.”, is all well and done, but the question that must resonate is “What real use are these to show how my business operates?!“.

Instead value drivers pushing forward action such as quality of information and process efficiency are the key to a successful and vibrant Intranet engaging employees.

But how do I measure these intangible elements?”

Ensure a governance and architecture process around the information posted to your Intranet. Allowing a swaith of colleagues to upload anything and everything will soon clog your Intranet with information, firstly that doesn’t respond well to web technologies (think PowerPoint slides), and secondly creates an undefinable dumping ground and mess.

Then your job is to design value driven indicators assessing the performance of these intangible elements guiding your strategic decision making and learning; organisational value derived from indicators assisting day-to-day decision making processes and organisational learning! Not data volume!

First published on yaduk on Nov 17, 2009

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