Internet Explorer 6 is not yet dead! IE6 is alive!

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  • March 08, 2013

You’d be absolutely amazed at how many people are still using Internet Explorer 6! One of the hardest things I’ve had to explain is this very thing; some people just don’t comprehend anyone can be on anything less as the latest bleeding edge browser since they are!

There are however, many companies still using this very browser, not least due to the massive undertaking that it might be for them to upgrade away from it. For instance, think mission critical legacy applications working fine right now – how can senior colleagues be assured they’ll still work as intended after any upgrade? Long lengthy expensive test plans and presentation layer upgrades prior to any painful upgrade most likely.

Think then of the vast swaith of potential website users sitting in offices browsing the web in their lunch hour being discriminated against?

Should Internet Explorer 6 not be part of your ‘progressive’ web development you’re quite probably damaging your own clients revenue potential! Not sure they’d like that if they knew ;)

First published on yaduk on Nov 19, 2009


I myself have begun to narrow my view of IE6. Though there are still many coporporate environments with Microsoft support contracts to enable them to still use IE6 – HTML5 and the vast swaith of exciting things that can now be achieved with modern browsers HTML5/CSS3/Javascript means supporting decrepit browsers is nothing more than a chore.

So what’s this site do? IE6 / IE7 you get the default skin. Any other browser … this skin!

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