Business benefit of ensuring fit for purpose presentation layer

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  • May 07, 2013

“What exactly is the business benefit of doing that?”, a cry oft heard.

Well, what exact business benefit is there for not ensuring the presentation layer is ‘fit for purpose’? To build a “web” based application meeting all specific requirements and policies in regards scalability and the like – then ignoring its output “just because” it does what it does and appears on the surface to render as it should …. ?

Following modern techniques, ensuring your presentation layer is split against semantic markup and seperate styling gives the ability to alter the way an applications output looks and feels merely through editing CSS stylesheets in the presentation layer. Business benefit? You don’t have to raise the same level of change requests and prioritise development work to back-end developers nor do you have to ensure you’re within a release schedule several months away – where the focus will be on ensuring business layer upgrades requested by the business take first priority! Nor is there a need to edit deep down in the business layer at what are most likely multiple points to alter inline styling.

A benefical frontend development strategy creating real cost savings

Why? Because, it can be done by front-end developers and can be done in a fast turnaround with next to no cost leaving backend developers prioritising and developing workstreams providing “real” long term business benefit without wasting precious effort and time! User interfaces can be improved/tweaked adhoc providing end-user centric benefits when required without conflicting with underlying business logic or data storage.

For instance, improving end-user input through user experience (UX) best practices without additional requirements of backend development and or error-checking and processing by simply altering the user interface can pay dividends further downstream! Improved data quality and removing the need to re-key information or use generally poor scrub & match automation delivers on-the-ground business benefits through no cost. The only definite requirement is to ensure alignment of a presentation level release schedule fitting with programmatic releases if required; or seperate them completely!

Making certain frontend web industry standards are applied is a forward planning strategy producing real cost and time savings!

First published on yaduk on Apr 30, 2009

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