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Some interesting Internet joojoo going on with a domain name I’ve recently taken stewardship of. The website is effectively offline and has been since last Thursday 31st October for many ISP. It is now completely offline as ISP renew their DNS.

The domain was re-registered with 123-reg and auto-confirmation received on Thu, October 24, 2013 at 05:20 but, something went wrong with 123-reg’s confirmation to tucows; the TLD (Top Level Domain) registrar in the process. The garbled understanding I have at this point is that tucow’s were in the process of updating their registry and the domain was to be moved into a new registry system 7 days prior to it’s renewal; when it was still alive and kicking in the world of DNS propogation.

From reading the T&C’s of the domain purchase both companies effectively have written off any liability from the point of purchase if anything goes wrong. Well that’s fine if it’s my own site posting lovely pictures of kittens or weird meme’s that nobody but my second cousin 3x removed looks at but, when it’s a site that has circa up under 30,000 unique visitors per month things become an issue!

Still waiting … still waiting … still waiting …. no news … what is going on?! The craic of DNS “Ooh it’ll take maybe x hours/days to work” does not cut it in this situation! I want to know exactly what has gone wrong. Have asked .. any response to that question!? Hmm …


By all accounts 123-reg are moving all their .com domains away from the registrar tucows; whom they’ve been using, to a new outfit called domainbox. Domainbox are part of the Host Europe Group of which 123-reg are affiliated. This transfer should have taken place 7 days prior to the domain renewal but, it didn’t, and still hasn’t!

Samsung LE37M87BDX/XEU LCD TV – AUO 55.37T04.005 T-con board

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Watching TV one night at the weekend the screen began to flicker and the colours distorted that the picture didn’t look unlike a colour photograph negative.

I cringed but, thinking I had a John Lewis 5 year warranty still on the TV, I wasn’t overly worried. Monday came and I trotted off to ask them about repairs. However, lo and behold should the warranty not have run out on the Saturday! John Lewis wouldn’t and couldn’t see past themselves and I left with shrugged shoulders and a mission afoot.

After much forum searching and reading I concluded that my TV’s symptoms fitted mostly to the description of a fault with my T-CON board. “Right! Let’s buy one of those” I thought but, had a little bother in finding a suitable match.

AUO 55.37T04.005 T-con board

The joys of eBay! Finally finding a matching T-CON I hurriedly purchased said board and awaited it’s timely arrival. On fitting, which was a tad fiddly but not overly cumbersome, I switched the TV on for a test. *fffpt* it went and I really had thought I’d fused the whole thing. Though, turning off the TV and on again it fired up to a great picture and I left it on in the background to make sure it wasn’t going to burst into flames at any point!

You have to just love fixing things! :)

International collaboration helps local business conquer web

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The Camera Centre – Reboot!


The Camera Centre website’s last incarnation had been turning over since 2004 and it was time to launch into the 2010 new year with a vibrant and easy to use system not only for members but for administration also. Tieing more succinctly with back-end shop operations the new website cuts out tedious stock filling across multiple systems whilst providing an easy to use interface for not only members but for guest shoppers also.

An easy to use one click shopping basket facility provides users the ability to choose and purchase items without getting bogged down in multiple pages of payment processing. This simple feature provides a substantial reduction in abandoned shopping baskets and invertly an increase in sales; what everyone want’s! With several successful Search Engine Optimisation techniques running throughout the site, The Camera Centre is now even easier to find.

Press Release

Local Shetland retailer The Camera Centre has just launched a new internet store with some international help.

Owner Cecil Hughson and Manager, Ben Mullay knew that to extend their business a fresh online initiative was needed. This was especially important as many of the Camera Centre’s customers are in the outer islands and don’t travel into Lerwick often. There is also a large expat community who like to order photos for delivery to relatives in Shetland.

Working with New Zealand based marketing strategists, First Retail Ltd, Canadian software developers Dakis Decision Systems Inc and Cecil’s son in law John Smith, owner of yadUK, The Camera Centre has developed a product range that includes home-wear, gifts and décor – all created using customer’s own photos.

First Retail’s Director, Chris Wilkinson knew the Camera Centre’s dilemma well. With clients in many island territories including the Channel Islands, The Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Fiji the web has been a key element in helping these businesses engage with their community.

Up until recently, many of the products needed to be sent away for production. New technology has allowed stores in remote areas to create these on-site. The Camera Centre has invested in equipment, systems and training that will ensure work can stay within the Islands. In the future it is hoped the store will also develop export markets to the mainland and beyond.

Timed to launch in the key gift giving period leading up to Christmas, the site has already proven popular. Within hours of going live, orders began to arrive. Most popular lines so far have included photo collages, coasters, placemats and mousemats.

Launched on December 4th 2009
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Ben Mullay – Shetland Photography

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Ben Mullay is a professionally qualified photographer having gained his Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP).

Clients can choose from a range of packages to suit all budgets with a pre-wedding meeting to discuss requirements. Ultimately, Ben believes that the special day is for the happy couple and not for the photographer, so carefully pre-planning and an unobtrusive style on the day helps achieve this.

Ben Mullay Photography specialises in digital wedding album design, creating seamless double-page spreads to tell the story of your big day in one beautiful album. Smaller albums are also available for parents and other family members. Canvas Gallery Wraps make a stunning piece of décor for the home and, with their reasonable prices and sizes to suit all budgets, are a big favourite at Ben Mullay Photography. Ben is also the Managing Director of The Camera Centre in Lerwick.

Ben Mullay is continually looking to create eye-catching and striking images to convey what is viewed through the lens. Ben’s home village of Bigton, Shetland, is the site of the famous St Ninian’s Isle, reputably the largest tombolo in Europe.

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